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October 5, 2021

My 40 Things To Do By 40 List


I turned 39 years old a few weeks ago (woot woot) and, consistent with my Type A personality, I made a goal list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40. Keep reading to check out the items on my list (and check back often for updates on my progress and the reveal of a couple of “mystery” items).

Before we get into the list, there’s a few things to note.

First, work-life strategy has become such a huge component of my life (and the woman I have become over the last few years) that all of my goals fit into the 5 areas of my Work-Life Success Formula — faith, family (which includes friends), fitness, finances and fulfillment. I didn’t even realize it until after I’d completed most of my list, which goes to show that the formula has really become almost second-nature now. If you’re new here and want to learn more about the elements of the Work-Life Success Formula, you can do so here.

Second, you’ll notice that there are a couple of items on my list that are marked “to be disclosed”. That’s because they’re currently not ripe for sharing. But don’t worry, when the time is right I will reveal them (along with the backstory). 😉

Finally, I will be doing standalone blog posts to detail many of my “40 by 40” adventures. When I do, I’ll add a link to the relevant list item below and, of course, you will be able to find the post in the appropriate category on the blog.

Without further delay, here’s my very own “40 by 40” list (all items that have been accomplished are indicated by a strikethrough):


  1. Take a seminary or theology course
  2. Author a women’s devotional series
  3. Launch the BreadWomen community!
  4. Fast from meat for 40 days
  5. Go on a silent retreat with God


  1. A getaway with the hubby
  2. A weekend away with ELS
  3. A weekend with KAS
  4. Plan and plant a garden with the family
  5. Purge the kids’ baby gear 🙁
  6. Draft a will
  7. Getaway with my mom
  8. Getaway with my dad
  9. Start [to be disclosed] with Kevin


  1. Do another triathlon
  2. Complete home fitness studio
  3. Take private swim lessons
  4. Get body fat percentage to 21-25% (goodbye pandemic pounds)
  5. Do an obstacle course race (Completed my first Spartan Race in November 2021.)
  6. Try cryotherapy


  1. Pay off remaining student loan debt (Made my last payment on 8/11/22. Woot woot!)
  2. Get adequate life insurance coverage
  3. Get an accountant / tax advisor


  1. Finally launch my blog — The Work-Life Edit with Alexandra Sampson
  2. Take the CFP exam (or a financial planning course)
  3. Take a solo vacation
  4. Install backyard oasis
  5. Second professional photo shoot
  6. BreadWomen video series
  7. Volunteer with an organization
  8. Have an all-day spa experience
  9. Donate blood
  10. Go to a concert (Update: I went to the Millennium Tour on 10/18/21 with my birthday twin. Great concert! All of the acts were great, but Bow Wow was hands down my favorite of the evening. I also went to the Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin Kingdom Tour in June 2022.)
  11. Complete 40 random acts of kindness
  12. Have a private chef dinner at home
  13. Learn how to tread water
  14. Create master bedroom sanctuary
  15. Explore [to be disclosed later]
  16. Get an assistant (virtual or in-person)
  17. Get a tatoo 😮

That’s it! I’m sure there will be edits to the list, and it’s very likely I won’t accomplish all 40 items. I’m just excited about living out the next year with intention and purpose. Have you done a birthday goal list? What were some of the items you were focused on?

40 before 40 list

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