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My passion is helping women show up as the best version of themselves in all facets of their lives. As an attorney, entrepreneur, breadwinning woman, wife and mother, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to experience personal and career success. Here are a few ways we can connect or work together.

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If you’re seeking harmony between your personal and professional life, you’ve come to the right place. I work with ambitious women, including breadwinning women, executives, middle-management, and those just starting out, to craft a personalized Work-Life Success Plan that is aligned with their values and positions them for career and personal success. Let’s hop on a 30-minute discovery call to discuss how I can best serve you. 

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BreadWomen is a private, online community for women who are the sole or primary financial provider for their households. Do you feel alone in your status as a female breadwinner, but desire a community to help you address the challenges you face in your career, marriage, parenting, and finances? Built upon Christ-centered logic, BreadWomen provides encouragement and support to help breadwinning women be successful at work, at home and in faith.

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I am available for panel discussions, workshop facilitation, and other speaking opportunities. Topics I speak about include issues pertaining to breadwinning women, blending faith and work, self-care for working women, work-life balance, career strategy, next chapter planning, and state tax and personal finance. 

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